For Tomorrow.

JMP retail works closely with suppliers and customers with a sustainable sourcing mentality. In the retail packaging industry, recyclability and reuse is of critical importance. Packaging waste is a significant environmental concern but by educating and adopting sustainable packaging practices, we can reduce the amount of waste generated and minimise its impact on landfills and the ecosystem.

The current market is on one of its biggest awareness growths with high customer demand for environmentally friendly products and packaging solutions. Sometimes a simple ‘swap’ to a more sustainable packaging alternative can generate a big impact both on reduced waste and on brand value recognition and commitment to the environment.

Moreover, sustainability aligns with consumer values, enhancing your brands reputation and fostering loyalty. Ultimately, it signifies a commitment to responsible stewardship, ensuring a healthier planet and better quality of life for current and future generations.

All of our paper suppliers are FSC® certified, as is JMP (FSC-C148661), for the responsible sourcing of paper materials. We are also the only company in Australia able to supply Post-Consumer Waste plastic recycled ecommerce mailers certified by GECA (Australia).

JMP retail currently works with a variety of suppliers who can offer reusable fabric bags made to either the GOTS, OEKO-TEX or GRS standards. JMP retail is NOT certified in these three standards but does have access to both converters and material suppliers carrying these certifications, therefore allowing your finished bags to adhere to these certifications.

Sustainability in packaging is paramount for mitigating environmental harm and preserving resources. It minimises waste, reduces pollution, and supports ecological balance. By utilising renewable materials, optimising design for recyclability, and minimising energy consumption, sustainable packaging lessens carbon footprints and conserves natural habitats.

It has long been a mission of JMP retail to ensure we act responsibly and do the right thing by our staff, our customers, their consumers and the environment. To successfully achieve this, we also require our suppliers to uphold the same strict standards.

JMP retail is committed not only to respecting human rights but also the environment that we live in. We visit and audit our domestic and international suppliers over 4 times a year and require them to hold valid social audit certifications such as SEDEX. JMP retail is also a SEDEX member as part of the San Miguel Packaging Corporation.