Paper Bags.

Practical and eco-friendly solutions for carrying purchased goods. Retail Paper Bags are offered with customisation options for branding, they come in various sizes and shapes, and align with the growing demand for sustainable packaging alternatives.

Supermarket Paper Bags

JMP retail has teamed up with major Australian supermarkets to design a sustainable paper bag that can be used across all areas of their grocery business. Traditionally, paper bags were designed for retail use which rarely, if ever, involved carrying products taken out of refrigerators or freezers.

The challenge was designing a kraft paper bag that met the distinct functionality requirements of a grocery shop whilst incorporating sustainable materials and end of use kerbside recyclability.

JMP embarked on a 12 month journey testing various kraft papers across Europe, Asia and North America that would work both instore and through the supermarkets online delivery channels. The net result was securing a unique recycled kraft paper that not only met and exceeded the strength requirements, but is able to handle cold room environments and subsequent condensation from products.

In order to assist our customers achieving their 2025 National Packaging Targets, our supermarket paper bag is constructed from 100% recycled fibre and is 100% recyclable through kerbside recycling bins in every Australian household.

The introduction of these types of supermarket paper bags will also see a reduction in over 700,000,000 heavy weight plastic shopping bags entering our litter and landfill streams every year. This equates to the elimination of over 30,000 tonnes of plastic!

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