Plastic Bags.

JMP retail can offer a range of recycled plastic options in your carry bags including Post Industrial Waste (PIW), Post Consumer Waste (PCW) and GECA certified PCW.

JMP retail is the only GECA certified supplier of plastic bags and ecommerce mailers in Australia.

While there is a growing emphasis on reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable alternatives, plastic bags still serve certain purposes and can be considered necessary in certain situations.

Many national and global regions are implementing regulations and initiatives to promote the use of reusable bags, of increase recycling, or to restrict the distribution of single-use plastic bags. The focus of JMP retail on this matter has always been on finding a balance between convenience and sustainability by encouraging the responsible use and disposal of plastic bags.

There is also further good news for the future of soft plastic waste in Australia.

The National Plastics Recycling Scheme NPRS is a project that has been designed to take hard-to-recycle soft plastic packaging out of the waste stream and recycle it into new, food grade packaging. It is currently being trialled across 7 local councils in Australia and over time aims to recover more than 190,000 tonnes of soft plastic every year, more than 38,000 garbage truck loads!

When using plastic bags please remember to check locally and recycle where possible. Despite the closing of the REDCYCLE program, there are other soft plastic recycling options available through programs like Curby and locally run council programs such as Monash Councils program.

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